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Mwizenge S. Tembo, Ph. D Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Bridgewater College

Professor Mwizenge Tembo

Mwizenge S. Tembo obtained his B.A in Sociology and Psychology at University of Zambia  in 1976, M.A , Ph. D. at Michigan State University in Sociology in 1987. He was a Lecturer and Research Fellow at the Institute of African Studies of the University of Zambia from 1977 to 1990. During this period he conducted extensive research and field work in rural Zambia particularly in the Eastern and Southern Provinces of the country. Dr. Mwizenge S. Tembo is Emeritus Professor of Sociology who has taught at Bridgewater College in Virginia in the United States since 1990 or for more than for twenty-eight years.

Books Published

Dr. Tembo has authored 5 books:

  1. Satisfying Zambian Hunger for Culture (2012), http://www.amazon.com/Satisfying-Zambian-Hunger-Culture-Social/dp/1479702080/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1428611169&sr=8-1&keywords=Satisfying+Zambian+Hunger+for+Culture,
  2. Zambian Traditional Names (2006),
  3. The Bridge (Novel) (2005), https://www.amazon.com/Bridge-Mwizenge-S-Tembo/dp/1607973324
  4. Legends of Africa (1996),
  5. Titbits for the Curious (1989).

He led in the building of  a Zambia Knowledge Bank Libraries: Nkhanga Branch Village Library in Lundazi District in his native country of Zambia in Southern Africa. The Nkhanga Village Library was opened December 8, 2012 and houses 4,000 books. He is a weekly columnist for the Daily Newsleader Newspaper of Staunton in Virginia. He is a frequent column contributor to the Daily News-Record of Harrisonburg in Virginia. He was also a frequent contributor to the Sunday Times of Zambia in the 1980s. He contributes to Lusaka Times and other Online magazines. He has published at least 100 newspaper columns. He is a freelance photographer who has sold many of his works. For more details: www.hungerforculture.com

Courses Taught

  1. General Anthropology, (Soc. 300)
  2. Racial and Ethnic Studies (Soc. 328)
  3. Introduction to Sociology (Soc. 200) 
  4. Quantitative Methods (Soc. 350)
  5. Cultures of Africa (Soc. 335)
  6. Social Inequality (Soc. 420)
  7. Quantitative Reasoning(GEC 111)
  8. Advised Personal Development Portfolio (PDP 150) class.
  9. Advised  Personal Development Portfolio (PDP 250) class.
  10. Supervised one Honors Project. Aug. 1996 – May 1997
  11. American Culture Seminar (Soc. 235)
  12. Research Methods (Soc. 351) using the SPSS Computer Program and (National Opinion Research Center) NORC data.
  13. Research Methods (Soc. 351) using  Student Systat and Mystat Computer Program.
  14. Development and Underdevelopment (Soc. 325).
  15. Sociology of the Caribbean with Jamaica as Case Study (Soc. 323)
  16. Sociology of the Family (Soc. 320)
  17. Social Inequality or Stratification in the American society (Soc. 420)
  18. Supervised an Honors Project for a graduating Sociology senior
  19. Social Stratification (Soc. 420) by appointment to another graduating Sociology senior.
  20. African Traditional Culture in the Elderhostel summer program at Bridgewater College: July 5 – 11, 1992.
  21. Social Problems Inteterm (Soc. 220) in the American society to Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior students.
  22. Criminology (Soc. 310)

Owns, Manages and writes articles for these Web Pages

Web Pages:

  1. www.Mwizengesustainablemodelvillage.com
  2. www.hungerforculture.com
  3. www.zambiaknowledgebank.com
  4. www.sufferingsoul.com
  5. https://villagedrinkingwater.com/


Dr. Tembo has also published more than 50 scholarly articles, more than 35 book reviews, and more than 100 journalistic and opinion articles.

Story Teller

While growing up as a child in the village in the Lundazi district among the Tumbuka people of Eastern Zambia in the Africa of the 1950s and 1960s, he developed a keen interest in storytelling, African traditional dances and drumming. His wide range of cultural experiences and firsthand knowledge of African culture make him an entertaining story teller, African drummer, African traditional and modern dancer as well as an articulate teacher and academic. He calls his act “BambaZonke“, which in his native language means “.variety show”. He has made presentations in his classes at Bridgewater College as well as in many elementary and middle schools in Bridgewater, Harrisonburg, Staunton, and Charlottesville School districts and Roanoke Library system and the Staunton Public Library. Dr. Mwizenge Tembo has a passionate interest in preserving traditional African culture such that in his book Legends of Africa, he states: “I would like to express my strongest heartfelt wish that Zambians and Africans of all persuasions document in the many media (audio, video, and print) available today our rich traditions, knowledge, and culture that are, as you read this, unfortunately rapidly going to waste in both urban and rural areas.”

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Dr. Mwizenge S. Tembo, Emeritus Professor of Sociology

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