Chizongwe Secondary School 1967- 1971 by Mwizenge S. Tembo, Ph. D. Professor of Sociology

I am fortunate enough to still have historical photographs from Chizongwe Secondary School from 1967 to 1971. Kindly help to identify the names of the students.

This goes way back to January 1968 when I was in Form II or equivalent of Grade 9 today.. The Chizongwe Secondary School Photographic Club took a day trip from Chipata to Lundazi. We toured Lundazi and this photograph was in front of the Lundazi Rural Council. Where are they now? On the left standing: Mr. Chidumayo the green lorry or truck School Driver. Next behind him Brown Kakumbi. Kasauka Daka on the right. Shadreck Chilumba, Lameck Banda, Benard Chabala, I am the little guy standing holding my chin Jacob Tembo, Samuel Kalililo, Clement Ngoma may be holding a box camera, Brown Kakumbi at the back next to the school lorry driver, Ackson Kanduza sitting next to Kalililo, Mkhuzo Soko standing next to me on my right. Kamzaza. Mbewe eventually was a lecturer in the School of Agriculture at the University of Zambia before he retired in the early 1990s.
Some were Prefects. At the very back, Mr. Bristow, British Teacher who was the Photographic Club Supervisor. Standing from left third; Shadreck Chikumba, Myself Jacob Tembo, Brown Kakumbi, Clement Ngoma, Standing on right: Samuel Kaliliro. Sitting on right Mr. Chidumayo, the green lorry school driver. Kneeling on right: Bernard Chabala. Sitting third from right Lameck Banda, Isaac Nkhungulu.
Aggrey House Junior Section 1968. Kneeling from left to right: Noah Tonga, Kaulanda Nyirenda, Bernard Chabala. Standing left to right second mr. Mtumbi Wing Prefect. Standing at the back right to left Third: Brown kakumbi.
From I B and Form IIB Standing from left to right: Back row Joy Ngenda, Samuel Chunga, Daveyson Phiri. Standing right to left: Salimoni Banda, Phillip C. Phiri, Gershom Chipandwe. Weston Chirwa. Sitting left to right: Simon Soko, Jacob Tembo, Jairous Manda. Squatting from right to left: Simon Lungu.
Standing on the right: Offson Ng’uni wearing a jacket – School Captain.
Chizongwe Boxing Club. Standing of the right: Salimoni Banda. Gibson Ndaba standing at the back making a face. Seated left to right: Third Chifa Banda